Loneliness in ministry leads to discouragement, disillusionment and even the possibility of leaving the ministry altogether. For a pastor, discouragement can easily come if no one ever indicates that he measures up or affirms his calling.

Disillusionment can cause pastors to grow weary and feel deeply alone in ministry. That’s why today’s ministry leaders need an advocate – someone who can come alongside and help buoy their faith in Jesus as well as their passion for ministry.

This ministry was started with the hope of removing the aloneness that is often associated with a pastoral ministry. We also hope to reveal how pastors can open their heart to experience friendship with a “pastor’s advocate”. This advocate will be able to offer encouragement and support to the pastor personally and then champion the pastor’s vision in the work of ministry.

Finally, this resource seeks to encourage church leaders to become the kind of advocate who can help the pastor – not only to survive in ministry, but thrive in it.